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Frequently Asked Questions

Mystic Maine Quilts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page is here to provide you with the information you need to make your purchase simple and secure. Always shop with confidence at Mystic Maine Quilts! If you have a more specific question that is not answered on this page, simply fill out our handy Contact Form online and let us know your needs. If you wish you may contact us by voice or fax at the numbers listed above or E-Mail

Q. I want to have a Memory Quilt made... Where do I start?
A. Start by calling me or e-mailing me with your ideas. We can discuss which items you want on your quilt, and what can and cannot be used. We can talk about the colors, the quilt size, and any personal information you want to incorporate into your quilt such as name, birth date, birth weight, etc.

Q. How many outfits can I put on one quilt?
A. The number of outfits that will fit on one quilt varies due to the size of the quilt and the size of the outfits. If you are using baby clothes, you will obviously be able to use more clothes than if you are using toddler or older children's clothing.

Q. How long does it take to have a quilt made?

A. The usual turnaround time is approximately 8 weeks from the time the contract is signed. This will vary during some seasons because of increased volume of orders. So be sure to order early

Q. Can I use my quilt as a wall hanging?

A. Yes! You may use your own hanger or purchase on of the GREAT Solid Wood Hangers available for sale at Mystic Maine Quilts. To view the hanger online click here.

Q. What types of items cannot be used?
A. Most anything can be used on your quilt. It is important to keep the quilt washable. Adding things that are damaged by water keep you from being able to launder your quilt.

Q. How many pictures can I use on my Photo/Memory Quilt?
A. The number of photos that can be used on a quilt depends on the size and design of the quilt and the size of the photos.

Q. Do all of my photos have to be the same size?
A. No, the photos can vary in size. However, I do not recommend anything larger than 8x10. If you wish to have a smaller photo enlarged or a larger photo reduced, that can be done also. Keep in mind that photos will always reduce well but do not enlarge well if the enlargement is extreme.

Q. Do I send my photos to you and have you transfer them?

A. Yes. Send the pictures to me with specific instructions on size and I will have them transferred to fabric. Of course, the pictures will be returned to you.

Q. What types of photos work best on Photo Quilts?
A. Photos that have a clear image and clear colors work best. Blurry or out of focus photos are undesirable. Remember that the transfer of the photo can only be as good as the original.

Q. Can I have the quilt made to match the colors in my house?
A. Yes. You have the final say so on the fabric choices for your quilt. You may send me samples of colors to match and I can send you fabric samples to make sure the colors are just right.

Q. How do I choose a pattern for a traditional quilt?

A. If you know the name of the pattern or have a picture of it, I can usually duplicate it. Or if you know the style of quilt you would like I can usually make it look like what you want.

Q. How many shirts can I use on a T-Shirt Quilt?
A. Shirts of all the same size can be made using 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, or 20 shirts. You may also choose to have the variable size T-shirt quilt and use up to approximately 30 shirts. It really depends on the size of the logo and the size of the quilt.

Q. Do I cut the shirts before I send them?
A. No. It is important that you do not cut the shirts before sending them.
A. Yes. Sweatshirts and jerseys will be treated the same way as T-shirts.

Q. What pieces of artwork work best for an Art Quilt?
A. Artwork that has clear lines and color distinctions work best. It is difficult to duplicate brushstrokes and sponge painting techniques. Lines and scribbles and shapes and bright colors offer the best results.

Q. Will the original artwork be used in the process?
A. No. The artwork is duplicated as is and you will receive your original artwork back in its original state.

Q. How much do you charge for your quilts and/or where can I find information about pricing?
A. We do not sell quilts online, just give us a call, fax, or email and we will give you a great price! Custom Quilts (Memory Quilts, etc) are priced by dimension with the exception of the Art Quilts and the Photo Transfer Quilts. Art Quilts are priced according to the number of pieces being duplicated. Photo Transfer Quilts are priced by dimension plus the cost of the photo transfer.

Q. How long does it take for a quilt to be shipped?

A. Quilts that are inventory are ready for immediate shipment. Regarding Custom Quilts, please keep in mind that each quilt is made to order and could take up to 6 - 12 weeks to finish depending on the complexity. Large T-shirt quilts and custom designed quilts may take up to twelve weeks, of course, this again depends on the up front engineering time. Once payment is received the quilt will be shipped immediately, the same day if the order is received before 1PM. In the event you paid with check or money order the quilt will be shipped once payment has cleared our bank.

Q. How long does it take for a custom quilt to be shipped?
A. Please keep in mind that each quilt is made to order and each design is produced in limited quantities. Most orders take less than six weeks to fill, with the exception of large T-shirt quilts and custom designed quilts that may take up to twelve weeks.